A Short Film by
Anastasia Skavinskaia


Five unknown people, locked in one room, follow the notes of the father of one of them, which contain the instructions how to reach "perfection". Solving one problem after another they come closer to the solution, but at some point something goes wrong...


Jan follows the notes of his father which contain the instructions how to archive "perfection". He got trapped in an old library with four other people who are all strangely connected together. Each of them has peaces of a puzzle which they assemble in one. The puzzle shows a riddle which contains Fibonacci numbers and the solution brings them to a recursion. Over and over again this combination brings Jan to the beginning of his search. In order to complete the rite and to break a circle of permanent repetitions Jan has to admit and to say that "he is not perfect". Rebirth and communication with himself as a child, an adult, a God, a monk slightly open him a veil on the most incredible mystery of all times,- "perfection".


Perfection. What is it and how achievable is it? The driving force of mankind. For centuries people have followed the call of the heart, eager to touch, to find peace, and become completely dissolved in the rays of the unknown but such an attractive temptation. How much are we ready to sacrifice for it? Self-sacrifice, does it have a price? Following the knowledge and the experience of the preceding generations, we are paving our way by little but very confident steps. Following our passion of possessing the desired, we really rarely mind our step. Like a ritual, crusade, the mass tread – the way fills our hearts with the process. The process, not the result, fills our lives. The result, as the final event, is impracticable. And then, when you are as close as possible, you start it over again. Shall we deal the carts anew? The eternal search, the eternal recursion, walking in circles. But the circles are so elegantly and artfully-constructed that the rates are paid off and then you don’t even notice whether the dealer stands on a hand of cards and leads the game or you do it yourself.


Anastasia Skavinskaia
Director of Photography (Prequel)
Johannes Gill
Production Designer
Farah Hakim

Farah is the head of the Art Department and responsible for the physical overall look of the film. Together with the Director, she creates the visual concept of Citadel. In order to visually tell the story she selects the settings and style.

Florian Albert

Florian Albert is a 26 year old freelance film maker from Austria who spents most of his time in the mountains capturing stunning scenerys. For citadel he will work closely with Johannes and carry the artistic responsibility for lightning design. In consultation with the cameraman and the director he will set the lighting objectives for each setting.

Best Boy
Michael Gugerl
Casting Director
Lisa-Maria Langhofer

Lisa is responsible for casting. She was already responsible for casting in her own projects, where she also acted as director and screenwriter.

Concept Artist
Barbara Sterflinger

Barbara Sterflinger is a student at the FH Salzburg and developed Citadel's logo and concept art. She works as a freelance illustrator and for several media agencies.

Graphic Designer
Christina Weber
Web Designer
Fabian Schneider

Fabian is a freelance screen designer and web developer. He created the website for Citadel.

Dmitrii Paderin
Location Manager
Kathrin Suppanz
Marketing Producer
Viva Alagic

Viva is responsible for digital & print marketing. Her passion are clever social media marketing strategies connecting the offline and online environment and new forms of viral marketing including modern media art (e.g. room installations).


25 min.
Arri Alexa